Who is Sheela Vim?

The story of Ageless, delusional, Slightly narcissistic woman living in her own very special world.

Let Sheela Vim take you on a journey through her delusional life from birth to present day.

9 times divorced and looking for her 10th victim husband, Sheela believes she is an A-lister with the stars.

A unique, one-of-a-kind performer with the voice of an angel and a mouth of a sailor.

She'll have you too!

Sheela Vim Drag Queen

Sheela Vim has had a career touching stars along the way – there are a few restraining orders in place but she doesn’t like to talk about those failed conquests!

Back to her career, she’ll tell all about her life on the stage and screen with delusional pride during her spectacular performances.  Sometimes, if she’s performing a cabaret, she’ll keep her life story and career short so she has far more time to  blow you away with pure vocal virtuosity – power ballads to sixties swingers, she’s got it all.

We don’t want to give too much away but let’s just say that Sheela believes she has had a Hollywood career spanning 70 years (try not to do the maths) being in the original cast of many a blockbuster.
To name a few…

• The original Lois Lane in Superman (but was asked to leave – his red pants couldn’t hide his attraction to her)
• The original Princess Leia in Star Wars (but left before the sexual tension between her and the male leads got out of control)
• The original Molly in Ghost (but left after a nasty allergic reaction to clay)
…and many many more delusional roles to talk about throughout her unbelievable (literally) career.

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