Sheela Vim – She’ll Have You Too!
The award-winning songstress with a little something extra!

Welcome to the World of Sheela Vim

Sheela Vim is an ageless, delusional songstress with vocal virtuosity!

Bringing vocal excellence to her cabarets, her award-winning shows take you on a journey of her life from child prodigy up to present day. Performing breathtaking power ballads and get-up-and-dance anthems in one cabaret show makes this a performance not to miss. Choose from her family-friendly or adult shows, all innocent fun with a good splash of Sheela Vim’s vocal brilliance.

Sheela Vim - the diva in a blue dress

Sheela Vim - the diva in a gold dress

Singing #allbymyself

Following the imminent collapse of her 2024 campaign “BRING BACK BETAMAX”, Sheela has taken to the Socials to keep up with the younger ones and can regularly be seen playing with her TikTok and Giphy online.